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Broadcom is an American multinational designer, developer, manufacturer, and global supplier of a wide range of semiconductor and infrastructure software products serving data center, networking, software, broadband, wireless, storage, and industrial markets. Broadcom’s environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) team approached Project6 to collaborate on a creative vision for their 2022 ESG report—one that would engage shareholders, employees and other stakeholders. The design of this report aligns nicely with Project6’s expertise in annual report design and other print design initiatives.

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Seeing Red

The annual Broadcom ESG report is an extensive document loaded with detail about Broadcom’s commitment to the environment, its workforce, and its communities. Broadcom was eager to share its many successes with shareholders—but in the past, they felt that the report design failed to draw its readers in and communicate valuable takeaways. Broadcom was committed to using authentic imagery and wanted to work with a design team that had experience guiding a custom photoshoot. They also admitted that their palette posed a design challenge: how could a report about the environment leverage their deep, bold, Broadcom brand red?


A Spectrum of Possibilities

Beginning with branding discussions, exercises, and mood boards, Project6 explored a new design language for the Broadcom report, adding a range of vivid colors to stand alongside the brand’s bold corporate red and adding a flexible facet design as a consistent element of visual interest throughout the report. We also identified a style for images and worked with a photographer to conduct a one-day photoshoot at the Broadcom headquarters.


Highlights for the Future

The final report delivers bold intentions—to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2023—with clarity and style. The resulting 65-page PDF is clear and organized, yet enticing and exciting. While each page is rich in detail, highlights are designed to stand out and captivate the reader. The page layout varies, yet retains consistent design elements. Each section is distinguished by a fresh color, while never losing sight of the Broadcom brand red. Stunning images on key pages are leavened with natural images of Broadcom employees and facilities. In all, the report delivers the best of news with a perfectly polished presentation.

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