Creating a Natural Luxury Home Textiles Brand Brings Warmth to San Francisco

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Presidio Classics offers a progressive approach to natural fiber window treatments and rugs for the home. Inspired by a passion for design, sustainability and 50 years of experience working with hand-loomed products, the bay area-based company provides design professionals with a trusted source for affordable home textiles that represent the best in fair-trade and environmental friendliness. The project leveraged our expertise in branding, print, and website design and development.

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“We engaged Project6 Design initially to develop strategy and branding for our new wholesale concept. They were thoughtful and creative in execution. They then proceeded to design and develop our custom ecommerce platform and our print media. They have become strategic partners to our business and I consider the team at Project6 to be one of the best design firms in the bay area!”

—Tim Moran, Presidio Classics


Establishing a Luxury Brand

As a newly formed startup, Presidio Classics approached Project6 with the challenge of building their brand and online presence from the ground up. Project6 was tasked with creating a customer experience that communicated the value of sustainably sourced luxury products as well as developing a brand strategy that could scale with Presidio Classics’ future growth. Presidio Classics also wanted a highly customized ordering process that was capable of adjusting the product cost on the fly. Our expertise in branding enabled us to establish this luxury brand.


In-depth Analysis of UX

Our team kicked off the project with extensive research of popular environmentally conscious and luxury brands to discover what might best communicate the Presidio Classics standard. The design for the website started with an in-depth analysis of the desired user experience, and a storyboarding phase to develop a wireframe structure that allowed for maximum visual impact while supporting the extensive customization options. A custom, open-source commerce system was chosen to provide Presidio Classics with a responsive website that was friendly to both search engines, and content management tasks.


A Modern, Powerful Brand

Presidio Classics’ branding elements are sophisticated yet earthy, with a clean sans-serif logotype, a neutral palette, and an open page layout. Product images offer the user multiple detailed views of the textiles they are purchasing. The hallmark of success was a commerce experience that offered the client pricing flexibility — and users seamless customization.

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