A memorable brand starts with a solid foundation that expresses who you are, what you stand for, how you’re different. With over 21 years’ experience, Project6 Design has the branding expertise to deliver enduring value, building equity in your brand with every consistent application.


Whether you are an established firm or a fledgling solar venture – like Enphase Energy – it’s essential for your brand personality to shine. Brilliant branding generates excitement in your products and services, attracts talent, and inspires loyalty among your customers.

As an award-winning graphic design and branding design firm, Project6 Design helps you find and celebrate the spirit of your organization. Whether daring or demure, competitive or collaborative, we will capture the style you seek in a logo, identity system, custom graphics, infographics and more.

Projects often include:

  • Logo Development
  • Brand Family Design
  • Identity System Design
  • Custom Graphics
  • Infographics
  • Icon Design

Once the initial brand identity is created, our clients often leverage our expertise in other areas, such as print design and website design + development.

Enphase Energy
“The excellent brand and collateral design work that Project6 did for Enphase Energy helped us establish ourselves as a credible player in the cleantech industry. Project6 developed a brand identity for us that was the perfect balance of innovative and credible. We sold over 100,000 microinverters in our first full year of production.”

—Leesa Lee, Director of Marketing, Enphase Energy

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petwave branding
nok nok branding
AUL Branding
Zetta Branding Design
“AUL has always demonstrated the commitment to innovation and change. We believe that the new branding better reflects our business approach and culture as we grow our business.”

—Luis Nieves, Founder and CEO, AUL

Cahill branding
Belvedere Tiburon Library Branding
“Project6 was a dynamic involved partner with Cahill Contractors during our rebranding. They took time to understand the brand and our 100+ year old family owned company history and culture. Their logo design and website redesign took into account our desire to self-manage it and update it and stayed within our budget. They delivered on-time and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for rebranding or website design.”

—Rachel Short, Marketing Manager, Cahill Contractors

McGovern Foundation Branding
Silevo Branding
“Working with Project6 Design was perfect for what we wanted to accomplish in our re-branding efforts and coming out of stealth mode as an organization. The agency was just the right size for us: small enough to get exceptional customer service, yet with over ten years of branding and design experience, they had the expertise to provide big agency results. Their creative and programming staff is amazing; they really think out of the box and understand how to engage our target audience in a clean and modern way.”

—Christopher Beitel, VP Business Development & Marketing, Silevo Solar

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Communicator Awards
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Frequently Asked Branding Questions

How often should an organization refresh its brand identity?

Some organizations retain the same logo and branding for decades. Others update their branding every few years. We suggest organizations reevaluate their brand identity every two to five years. If your visual identity lags behind changes in your mission or the broader culture, it’s probably time for a branding update.

What’s the difference between brand identity vs. brand image?

Brand identity encompasses the visual aspects of your branding. Your visual identity system can include a logo, custom graphics, fonts, colors, and other visual elements in your brand style guide. Brand image describes the way your target audience perceives your organization. Brand identity, executed well, delivers the desired brand image.

Is branding the same as marketing?

No. Branding supports your marketing by creating a visual identity and brand recognition. Marketing promotes and advertises the brand.

Does Project6 Design specialize in working with certain types of organizations?

Project6 Design has created most of our award-winning branding designs for nonprofits, foundations, educational institutions, and healthcare providers. And we are always looking for new challenges. We’d love to talk with you about your brand image!

How do I get started working with Project6 Design on branding?

Project6 Design starts your branding journey by understanding where you are now and where the gaps are. We work with established organizations that need rebranding as well as new enterprises developing their first branding strategies. To get started, we have a questionnaire that we can send you that helps outline the project goals. This includes understanding your target market and strategic goals. Let's talk about your project! Contact us when you're ready.