Closing the Imagination Gap: Empowerment Brand Brings Careers Within Reach

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The Career Girls mission is clear: provide enticing, easy-to-use video-based guidance for teen and tween girls beginning to think about their career interests. In a crowded internet ecosystem with so many sites vying for these girls’ attention, Career Girls aims to provide a hub for educational, confidence-bolstering content by introducing role models and mentors, suggesting potential career paths, and offering resource-rich tools to girls so they can see firsthand how young women like them entered their fields and succeeded—with an emphasis on STEM fields in particular.

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“For the past 11 years, we have enjoyed a fantastic creative partnership with Esten, Edina and the entire P6 team to bring the Career Girls vision to life. After years of dreaming if we could find experts to help us, we found the P6 team and have never looked back.”

—Linda Calhoun, Founder/Executive Producer, Career Girls


It Was a Good Start

The original Career Girls website created in 2012 was a good start, but in a quickly evolving internet landscape, it hadn’t kept up with the times. Lacking vibrant imagery and a clear user flow, it wasn’t speaking to its target audience of web-savvy teens and tweens as well as it could be. And the site’s architecture was confusing and overloaded, buckling under the weight of thousands of videos of inspiring career women sharing their insights.


Created a New Visual Language

Project6 worked to create a new visual language for Career Girls, overhauling everything from the site’s architecture to its content management system. The site was rebuilt on WordPress, allowing for more intuitive handling of future additions to its resource library. Engaging new imagery was added, and the entire site was optimized for mobile—an essential for reaching Career Girls’ target audience where they spend most of their time.


Award-winning Results

The award-winning new Career Girls site is as inviting as it is easy to navigate. Its vast library of videos is now a snap to browse through, with an algorithm-driven quiz helping the site’s teen users find potential careers that match their interests. The new aesthetic is both more modern and more reliant on imagery, which helps attract new users as well as allowing them to picture themselves succeeding in the careers they’ve begun to explore. The new CMS is primed to handle Career Girls’ weekly additions of new video content as well as an ever-diversifying range of foreign language resources. No matter what a user’s interests are, she can feel confident that one of the site’s 150+ careers will be an exciting starting point for her future explorations.

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