A Global Voice for Sleep Health Updates Platform to Reach Mobile Audience

Sleep Foundation Mobile Design

The global hub for all things sleep-related since 1996, the National Sleep Foundation’s website has only become more highly trafficked in the current wellness-obsessed culture. The Foundation takes its role as the “global voice for sleep health” seriously, spreading knowledge about sleep science that can benefit everyone from the suburban mom deciding on the best bedtimes for her children, to medical professionals looking to stay up-to-date on current research, to the college student trying to balance a rigorous schedule with getting enough zzz’s.

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Long Overdue for a Wake-up Call

The National Sleep Foundation’s website was long overdue for a wake-up call. The Foundation has a robust library of knowledge across multiple websites, garnering nearly 2 million monthly visitors. But over 60% of visitors were reaching the site via mobile—and the current setup wasn’t optimized for these devices. Desktop users, too, were struggling with an outdated design that made it more difficult to find the resources they needed. And slow loading times were putting users to sleep. The NSF sought a firm that could both advise and implement, working independently to optimize the site and offload tasks from the NSF staff. The NSF needed to partner with a firm that could tackle these issues and work independently, without pulling time or resources from their lean staff.


Significantly Faster

Project6 prioritized user experience to make the Foundation’s wealth of research accessible to all, regardless of their preferred device. The team worked to identify SEO improvements, ensuring The NSF maintained or improved upon its search engine page rankings. Widespread updates to the site’s content management system made load times significantly faster and cut down the number of users who navigated away. Project6’s independent, resourceful work style was a perfect fit for this project.


Mobile-first Design

There’s nothing snooze-worthy about the National Sleep Foundation website now. The new format incorporates mobile-first design so users can access the latest research on the go. And updated SEO frameworks make it easier for everyone to find the info that will improve their sleep cycles—leading to better days (and nights) ahead.

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