Logo and Website Redesign for Next Generation Authentication Firm

The Nok Nok logo had a good long run, but in the fast-paced industry of next generation authentication, products, services and brands themselves evolve quickly—so it was time for a change.

Logo and Website Redesign for Next Generation Authentication Firm

The original Nok Nok logo was designed to make the ‘impersonal personal’—giving the font a bold yet human personality with its unconventional custom script. The responsive Drupal website, too, had served well in communicating Nok Nok’s strengths and solutions, but needed less cluttered navigation, more straightforward messaging, and a layout with breathing room. Nok Nok also maintained a Japanese language site, so type needed to be considered carefully.

Project6 presented Nok Nok with several moodboard directions—some closer to the existing brand than others. Nok Nok opted for the most radical change within those options, resulting a sweeping refresh. The rounded letters of the new logo speak to the integrity of the brand’s human side—and, as a whole, reflects solid, worry-free security and innovative simplicity. The home page gained in substance to include more robust feature areas, punchier content, infographics, customer testimonials, and a dynamic counter display to help users visualize the massive quantity of authentications engineered by Nok Nok. The Noto font was chosen for a seamless experience across English and Japanese content. While the substance of the content across the site changed little, page layouts were standardized for a simpler, cleaner display.

Nok Nok’s new brand and online image represent the evolution of the company within the industry and reinforce its position as a market leader. The warm red and refreshed color palette conveys a human energy and strength that makes Nok Nok stand out among its competitors, and the bold, image-driven layout and clear calls to action deliver Nok Nok’s message at a glance.

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17 JUL 2023
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