Nurturing a Devoted Brand—and Its Caregiver Audience

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While leading the charge to support caregivers, the Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) knew it needed assistance itself with a brand refresh and website overhaul. Families and professionals count on the nonprofit for up-to-date information on how to attend to individuals with chronic health conditions, and its online tools provide secure, customized guidance at a local and national level. With such a robust collection of materials, the challenge involved how to share this knowledge in a more engaging, seamless way.

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My organization just finished a website redesign orchestrated by the fantastic team at Project6. Throughout the year-long process, they were professional, thoughtful, innovative, consistent and responsive. We think so highly of their work, we also had them redesign our main brand identity (logo) and the identity of some of our other products as asking them to revamp marketing language for some of our services. I look forward to working with them again soon.

—Al Martinez, Communications Director, Family Caregiver Alliance

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FCA Website Design


Organizing the Library

The FCA’s content-intensive website could feel overwhelming, with a navigation structure that was anything but user friendly. Its search feature was cumbersome, which prevented important information from being found, and the ability to update content was equally daunting. Although the site saw a relatively high rate of traffic, the duration of page engagement and the number of return visits needed improvement. Print collateral was also outdated and inconsistent.


Compassion in the Details

Our approach centered around making caregivers feel welcome and supported, while offering industry experts more direct access to tailored content. We designed a new website with intuitive functionality, including a simplified search of hundreds of resources, events, articles and stories—which were also meticulously reorganized. More than a dozen modular block designs were created so content managers could modify page layouts to their individual needs. A new logo and revamped print collateral rounded out the brand refresh with a modernized look.


An Inviting Web and Brand Presence

From families to policy makers, visitors to the FCA website can now quickly access content that’s right for them. The extensive library of information feels approachable, easily searchable, and includes resources delivered in five languages to accommodate a broad audience. Our new user-friendly design has encouraged more caregivers to use the site as their primary information source. Overall, a unified brand experience across all touchpoints helps support the FCA’s mission to be there for caregivers—making a challenging situation that much easier.

Supporting nonprofits and foundations with their brand identity continues to be a passion for the Project6 team.