UI/UX Design for National Nonprofit Helps Users Decode Medicare and Medicaid Options

Multilingual guided questionnaire helps medicare + medicaid recipients learn about choices available to maximize their health coverage.

UI/UX Design for National Nonprofit Helps Users Decode Medicare and Medicaid Options

Website Design to Simplify Medicare and Medicaid Choices

Building upon years of work with the SCAN Foundation and the National Council on Aging for California residents, Project6 designed and built MyCareMyChoice.org in an effort to reach a nationwide audience. In 2020, Project6 partnered with the SCAN Foundation to design an online tool to help dual eligible beneficiaries—people who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid—and their advisors to learn about different models of health care, to understand which models might work best for their personal needs, and to give them the contact information they needed to take the next step of enrolling in a health care plan.

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UI-UX Nonprofit Website Design on Laptop

Using UI/UX Design to Navigate Complex Health Care Choices

To help dual eligibles navigate the complex health care choices available to them, the MyCareMyChoice.org website presents visitors with a questionnaire. Based on their answers, the site displays a list of health care models that best meet their needs. Visitors can then learn more about how that model works, and enter their ZIP Code to learn if any health care plans of that type are available in their area.

Website Design Includes Multilingual Resources

In 2021, the site included models and plans in California and Ohio. In 2022 the site was expanded to included models and plans in Michigan. The website includes downloadable resources such as checklists, worksheets, and helpful instructions. Both the site and print materials are translated into multiple languages in each state, among them Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. Each year, the site is refreshed with up-to-date data provided by the government. Our work with NCOA continues—two more states will be added in the coming years.

UI/UX Mobile Design for NCOA

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