Specialty Foods Retailer B2C Ecommerce Website Redesign

Traina Foods produces the world's finest sun dried fruit, serving manufacturers, ingredient companies and distributors.

Specialty Foods Retailer B2C Ecommerce Website Redesign

Recently, the company has ventured into the retail market with the introduction of their California Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup and Sriracha Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup.

Their previous website did not reflect their brand, heritage, or need to reach out to the Industrial and Foodservice industry directly. Project6 redesigned and developed their website from the ground up: restructuring the information architecture, building Foodservice and Industrial sections for secure log in and communications with partners, and most importantly, building a completely custom ecommerce system that syncs with their in-house inventory management tools. A giant leap forward from their previous website (using a Yahoo! store and Paypal for basic, mostly manual ecommerce), the update website sets the foundation for years of growth to come.

B2C ecommerce Drupal website design

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