ClimateWorks Tracker Microsite

Project6 Design is proud to launch the ClimateWorks Tracker microsite for the ClimateWorks Foundation.

ClimateWorks Tracker Microsite

ClimateWorks Foundation released a set of tools that will help funders and decision makers within the climate community project and track progress toward a low-carbon economy by analyzing the drivers of emissions trends.

The ClimateWorks Tracker is a website that allows users to dynamically evaluate current progress in greenhouse gas emission trends at a glance. It displays data and trends for over 130 indicators that determine greenhouse gas emission pathways for many of the world's economies.

The ClimateWorks Tracker draws upon the peer-reviewed Carbon Transparency Initiative Models to determine greenhouse gas emission pathways between 2010 and 2030, across all sectors of the economy for select geographies. The models are open and available to anyone. We can work with our partners to run custom scenarios and provide deeper analysis into any region or sector that the models cover.

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