Project6 Design Launches Website Design for Charitable Foundation

Project6 Design, a San Francisco Bay Area web design and development firm, announces the launch of a website for the SCAN Foundation.

The SCAN Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to transforming options for our aging generation so that they may preserve their dignity through independent living.

By funding insightful research and publications, the foundation supports diverse audiences who share their mission of advancing an easily navigated system that promotes increased independence through high-quality services and care.

The former SCAN Foundation website fell short on usability — visitors were unable to easily navigate the wealth of resources available. Instead of intuitive navigation, the site relied on a homepage loaded with features that failed to provide a clear starting point for those seeking specific information. Additionally, the SCAN Foundation’s core message wasn’t clearly portrayed, making it difficult for visitors to distinguish between their work and that of SCAN Healthcare.

Project6 first tackled an inventory of the foundation’s current content, evaluating how to best group information for a user-centered approach. Over 2000 documents and articles were centralized in a Publications section, which included new search filters to encourage faster browsing and the discovery of relevant content. When migrating the foundation’s website, we prioritized ease of use for site administrators. The existing content management system (CMS) processes were simplified or made automatic. For example, publication pdf thumbnail images are now generated on the fly, and categorization of content has been reduced to simply checking a box.

The SCAN Foundation homepage was redesigned to highlight core messaging and key features that encourage desirable actions. Visitors to the site are now able to easily navigate information and quickly find the documents they need. The site’s administrators now enjoy a streamlined and hassle-free process for adding and managing content, allowing for unhindered flexibility and growth.

Equally important to layout and usability was the overall design and feel of the website. To complete the experience, we guided the client toward custom photography of actual community members and lawmakers, underscoring the foundation’s vision of making an impact in the lives of aging Americans.

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