Multilingual Micro Connector Website Design and Development

With Headquarters in Japan and over 30 locations world-wide, I-PEX is the leader in creating extremely specialized semiconductor connectors.

Multilingual Micro Connector Website Design and Development

I-PEX invented the first mass-produced micro-coaxial connector, CABLINE® I.

I-PEX specialize in delivering extremely small connectors, and excellent signal integrity solutions that are used in every type of electronic device imaginable ranging from cell phones to automobiles and everything in between.

  • I-PEX produces over 100 different connector products and required a product filtering tool for engineers to leverage when selecting the connectors to fit their needs
  • Engineers require samples in order to mock up their devices and fit the connectors into various devices. I-PEX provides methods of requesting sample packages
  • Content managers are able to manage, add and edit products, and how they are returned from the product search tools.
  • Localized into 5 languages, content managers have a wide array of tools to manage site content, document downloads, and form entries in various languages including English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
  • Leveraging the latest technology in Drupal, content managers are able to curate media such as videos, PDFs, proprietary 3D renderings, and other digital assets on both product detail pages, and news and media portions of the site.
  • Advanced Analytics track users behavior through the site while providing reports on conversions to order samples, or make product inquiries.
  • An engaging Application tool shows cross sections of popular devices and where the various connectors are implemented. Clicking on many of the interest points in the 3D illustrations allows visitors to click on product options and be taken to product detail pages where they can learn about how these connector options could work in their product.

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