Branding and Web Design for Magazine and Science Center Sites for World-Renown Greater Good Science Center

Project6 design brands and designs magazine and science center sites for world-renown Greater Good Science Center.

Branding and Web Design for Magazine and Science Center Sites for World-Renown Greater Good Science Center

The Greater Good Science Center (GGSC) approached Project6 to decouple its magazine content from the science center’s many programs, initiatives, and events, its “library of research-tested practices for a happier and more compassionate life, online Science of Happiness course, and Summer Institute for Educators, not to mention pioneering research”.

The website had outgrown its original architecture as GGSC’s vision and initiatives had broadened, resulting in a cluttered site with outdated design and confusing architecture that was challenging for users to navigate. A refresh was overdue!

Magazine Website Design

To begin, Project6 created a family of logos and tag lines for the Greater Good Science Center, the Greater Good Magazine, and Greater Good In Action that used key elements from the UC Berkeley brand guidelines.

Working with the GGSC team, architecture for the magazine site evolved, enabling users to easily choose from a wealth of articles, videos, podcasts, and quizzes categorized and tagged by key elements of well-being. We made it simple for GGSC to sprinkle features about initiatives and events throughout the magazine, and for users to sign up to receive email notifications. The site design also enables users to create an account and bookmark content to personalize their experience on the site. Designed with responsiveness top of mind, users have a seamless experience on the Greater Good magazine site, no matter whether they are on a phone, tablet, or desktop.

Once the Greater Good Magazine content was clear, the structure of the GGSC site crystalized, providing a flexible architecture that could grow intuitively as the GGSC evolves. The GGSC site serves to get key audiences—educators, parents, health professionals and workplace leaders—to information that interests them most. The GGSC site also serves as the home for donations and ways that users can get involved in supporting the program.

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